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Bite-Sized Lyon Cabbage Poppers

Main Ingredients:
lion tamer
napa cabbage
vape pen

Spice Pack:
1/3 whisper of frivolity
1 smidge of pleasure
1/2 cup of depression
1/8 dollop of serenity

Living with your head in the mouth of a lion is not easy, not because you are perpetually in danger but because it is so goddam boring. That's what my step-sister says anyway, and I have no reason to doubt her. Knowing that at any minute the jaws might come down and chomp off your head as though it were napa cabbage.

Basil agrees. He's her boyfriend. Or was. Was.

So you can probably guess where this is going. Yes, it was the day of her pinning for the all-lion-mouth sorority -- you know, the one where they have their Spring Breaks in Lyon. Where they're always lyin' around in their slinky summer dresses. Who am I to judge.

Sulkily she exhaled a desultory trail from that vape pen -- fooling no one. We knew she had that smoking habit all along, we knew about the affair she was having with the lion tamer's husband.

Of course, as it turned out, the lion tamer knew as well.
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