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The Plan

First girlfriend

Spice pack:

⅛ pinch of disgust
½ smidge of satisfaction.

Today is the day. I’ve mustered up my courage to propose to my first, and last girlfriend, Olive Parker. Fun fact: Olive actually hates olives, she detests everything about olives, but she likes PRUNES?? which I think is hilarious. It’s been about 4 years with her, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I am really nervous but also excited to finally ask her to marry me. I wish the timing could have been more ideal since she's dealing with an intense court case. But then again, when is she not?

Not that she did anything wrong, I forgot to mention she’s a detective, and she’s currently investigating the murder of a school teacher. Super gruesome stuff, of the details the news has disclosed (which aren’t many because she isn’t allowed to), this is some zodiac killer level sadistic shit. I don’t know how she does it, she’s absolutely genius, a fantastic mind and a greater person. (Did I mention how I want to marry this woman?)

I’ve been planning, toiling, and frying my brain over this whole thing for 7 months, so I’m extremely nervous. I told her I was going to pick her up at the courthouse, to treat her to dinner. She forgets to eat sometimes, so this is a usual routine we have. Her favorite food is thai, which as you probably guessed, doesn’t use a lot of olives. I’ve had to be EXTREMELY sneaky with the planning, because, my girlfriend is a detective, and her IQ surpasses mine by a tenfold so, it’s not an easy task. I’m gonna take her to her favorite place, which is also the first place we met (I know super cute). We’re gonna go through the usual stuff. And I’m going to pop the question. I know, sounds boring, but she’ll never suspect it.
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