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Detention Day Dreams

Level: Chef

Main Ingredients:
• Kids
• Duchess
• Goose
• Basil
• Football Field

Spice Pack:
• ½ teaspoon of boredom
• 1/8 dollop of apprehension

Julie sat there in detention, twiddling her thumbs while starring out the window of Mr. Baker’s biology classroom. All she could see was a dehydrated brown and green football field being torn up by football players. Knowing that she had about two hours of silent torture to endure, Julie started to day dream of all the other possible boring things that she would rather be doing than sitting in Mr. Baker’s classroom. The first place Julie imagined that she would rather be sitting uninterested at is Medieval Times (the restaurant in Buena Park, California with the cheesy dinner theater not the actual historic era). There at least at Medieval Times she could make fun of all of the thirty-five-year-old women who dress up as duchesses in order to entertain seven to ten-year-old kids who become extremely apprehensive when their favorite knight almost gets killed by their least favorite knight. The second place Julie envisioned that she would rather be bored out of her mind at was her grandmother’s farm in Missouri. There at least she could help her Grandpa Joe pluck fresh basil off the vine and scare the gooses so that they start to frantically run around. The last place that Julie pictured where she would rather be bored at instead of sitting in detention was in the library, writing an analysis paper of how the movie The Perfect Guy relates to social interaction and social psychological concepts.

Julie suddenly awoke from her day dream to find Mr. Baker asleep in his chair with a bag of Cheetos in his hands. She looked at the clock and there was only thirty minutes of detention left. So Julie slowly and apprehensively got up, grabbed her bag, and tip toed out the door leaving behind her detention dreariness and mind-numbing thoughts.


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