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spite cop fry

edited April 2017 in Dishes
green beans





So the former head of security at Magic Mountain just started a cooking channel on you tube and it is
the worst thing ever. He only has one video that works and in it he fries 40 cans of green beans in butter and champagne then makes them into a to scale police offer in a diorama he made of out of onion rings from various fast food joints.

That isn't the troubling part. In the video with sad synth music playing surely from an ancient 80's porn he shouts out all of our names. Every person who once as a pimply teen worked there that he thought mocked his tiny arms in his uniform or smiled the wrong way on some hot day in a chicken outfit or bell bottomed uniform off to serve crap to tourists.

His cooking channel he says is to recreate our lives. As he watches us. In beans.

Now I dream the end of the world every night with skies lit with crisco fires and canola second suns.
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