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Everyone Needs a Rick

A Rehash of "Delicious Heartbreak" by Avi987
Link to Original:

-cheap red wine
-1/3 smidge of frivolousness
-1/4 cup of agitation

“She should be here any moment,” I said to the reverend standing to my right, wearing his white robes and a strange pompadour haircut. “I swear, she’s on her way.” Can you believe it? The women set to be my wife, and late for our own wedding? Ha, classic her. I began to feel a bit agitated as the small crowd of friends we had invited cast their gazes my way, some nervous, some condescending. Like, “yeah dude, your own fiancé doesn’t even want to come to your wedding, what a loser.” I still had one supporter though, thank heavens for Rick, though I’m not sure he knew exactly what he was supporting. He tried in a not-so-subtle way to quietly wave the bottle of cheap red wine he said would get me hammered after the wedding just in time for the reception. “Pound it!” He whisper-yelled from the back row, extending a fist for me to pound. I glanced quickly at the reverend, and give Rick a slight extension of my own fist to show him we were still boys. It was fifteen minutes after we supposed to begin the ceremonies, and still no fiancé. “I’m just going to call this one a draw, it seemed frivolous anyway. Thank you for coming… thank you very much” said Elvis-attired pastor, as he took off his sunglasses, ran his hand through his hair, and proceeded back to his office in the corner of the chapel. “Oh well,” I thought, “that’s what you get when you propose to a girl in a Vegas bedroom.”


  • I thought your dish was great. I loved how it started off somewhat serious with the future wife being late for her own wedding but then as the story unfolded the story transitioned from seriousness to comical. I also found the part about Rick encouraging the groom to get hammered to be super relatable because upon reading that part of your dish I immediately thought of one of my best friends who essentially behaves in the same mannerisms as Rick. Overall I felt that you did a fantastic job mixing your ingredients and spice pack together in order to form an overall well put together dish.
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