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Spice Pack:
-1/8 dash of euphoria
-1 whisper of apprehension

It was a long week. My roommate and I thought it would be a good time to go out. Happy hour was almost over at our favorite bar, so we quickly changed and ran outside. We got there, but as I walk in I bumped a guy. He spilled his beer all over the floor. Chris, the barista said what’s up as we entered. “The usual”, said Chris. “Nah surprise me”, I replied. A minute later I sipped the drink. “Grapefruit vodka with a basil leaf”, he said. Interesting combo I thought. Just as we were starting to relax I looked at the door and my nemesis Mat walks in. The apprehension set in. Then Mat slipped on the beer and broke his arm falling. He had to leave and I felt a dash of euphoria.

Era una semana larga. Mi amigo y yo pensamos que sería un buen momento para salir. Queríamos ir a nuestro bar favorito. Nos cambiamos rápidamente y salimos corriendo. Llegamos allí, pero al entrar, golpeé a un señor. Su cerveza se chorreo por todo el piso. Chris, el barrista nos saludó cuando entramos. "Lo habitual", dijo Chris. "No sorpréndame", le respondí. Un minuto después probé la bebida. "Vodka de pomelo con una hoja de albahaca", dijo. Interesante combo, pensé. Justo cuando estábamos empezando a relajarnos miré la puerta y mi enemigo Mat entraba. Sentí la aprehensión. En ese momento Mat se cayó sobre la cerveza y se rompió el brazo. Tenía que irse y sentí un poco euforia.


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