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A New Perspective

Main Ingredients:

Spice Pack:
1/8 smidge of agitation
1/3 tablespoon of passion

I woke up promptly at 6 am ready to go to yet another day at my extremely mundane job, I got dressed and ready in my all black shirt and pants and grabbed my apron and headed off to the soap shop.

As I arrived I was informed we would be selling a new flavor of soap “lychee flavored” *eye roll*, people will buy anything if it is put in the right kind of packaging. I took my position on the floor, pasted a smile on my face and began my day with only a smidge of agitation hiding behind my eyes.

A potential customer came in dressed in a very peculiar outfit. As trained, I walked up and offered him free samples and began to attempt to charm him, with a dash of faux passion, into buying overpriced soap. He began a conversation with me explaining that he was a zookeeper at the local zoo and needed a soap that would mask the smell of animal feces that covered him by the end of the day. I eventually sold him a tilapia scented soap laughing to myself at the fact that I was able to convince him that this smell would be better than the latter.

I finally finished my day around 5 pm and began to walk to my car. On the walk I glanced someone who directly resembled myself. Startled, I realized I had finally met my doppleganger. This was a goal I had had my whole life and I was so excited to have finally achieved it. This discovery made me realize that there were many worse things in life than having a job such as mine. I went into the rest of the days with an optimistic attitude and turned my life around.
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