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Step-brother Sabotage re-HASHbrown

Main Ingredients:
code monkey
gruyere cheese
race track

Spice pack:
1/3 pinch of reluctance
1/4 smidge of surprise

As I open my basket, I call over my estranged step-brother who’s already chowin down on the gruyere cheese. This isn’t to my surprise, however. He’s been to rehab and back for his addiction to the dairy family. maybe I shouldn’t have picked him for this competition but what can you do? It was part of the main ingredients so like I was kind of stuck with him. So now we have a half-full step-brother with gruyere cheese which definitely gets in the way of the dish I had planned to prepare. So There we have the smidge of surprise.

As I sprint to the kitchen to grab some other supplies to assist in the dish, I find myself running around as though I’m Yussain Bolt going for the gold. I’m not even a runner; I was trained to be a swimmer but as I age, I run at the track more and more so I think I can get pretty fast. This is to my advantage. I feel the reluctance flow over me as I have more than half of my basket delt with. As the clock is ticking, I realize I still have two more ingredients to think about.

Now I give my brother the code to lie back and go to sleep because I have to get that semi-digested cheese out of him to pair it with the okra I’m frying up. He misunderstands the code, however, and begins to act like a monkey making me sweat and throw him on the table. I slice into his abdomen, take out the cheese, fry it up with okra, sew him back together of course and my dish is complete.
Here we have it. Fried okra with a gruyere glaze coating it. My step-brother is the first to try it.
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