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Savage Siblings


Step Brother
Code Monkey
Gruyere Cheese
Race Track


1/3 of reluctance
1/8 of surprise

As a kid, you always want another child or sibling to play with, talk to, creating fanciful tales of nonsensical mess. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to hear “me” - “I” was getting a new step brother. I can image us now, the duo!


That dream shattered as quickly as it started.

Door Slam!

“It is okay honey, he just into different things” My mom said.

He NEVER opens his bedroom door, therefore the only time I ever see the code money is at the dinner table.

Because he is attached to his computer, if an otaku event was held at the races, well the race tracks my step-brother, surely would have ALL the BETS ON HIM.

Correction! he is not one of us, my step-brother. I REFUSE to accept him, side-eying him with half eaten food running down my mouth.

Each step he took towards, slowly coming at us I would loose bits and pieces of my appetite

Augh! The smell of rotten gruyere cheese, his face pale face mimicking uncooked egg whites with hair like a pissing okra plant, slimy.

“Don’t you dare sit by me code monkey” I said


I felt a sharp jolt in my leg as I glanced over to see my mother glaring at me.

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