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A disgusting satisfaction

‘How can could happen to me? That’s not fair!’ I am sitting here, regret of what happened earlier today.

It was a sunny day but my mood is completely ruined since I woke up very late, and I need to get to the court as soon as possible.

I don’t expect a nice breakfast, but I had to say that one looked terrible. I got some bacon and an egg, which is nice, but on the other side of the dish, there were a mixed olives and prunes sauce, and I am forced to eat them, since they are “good for my health.” Come on, I can take them individually but what’s the point of mixing them together? It looked so horrible and disgusting. It’s like I am eating a cube of ink. I am pretty sure that if Gordon Ramsay is here, he would scream ‘What are you doing?’ and tell her to GET OUT.

I just finished it and I really want to throw up so bad. But if I do so, I will have to sleep on couch tonight, and that’s bad for my health, according to my first girlfriend. I rushed to my car. When I am on the road, I can always think of something ridiculous, but funny. Like ‘I need to find a detective to find out why she can like that and maybe he will say ‘Thats too hard for me, sir.’ I giggled a bit and think that I am a friggin genius. Then my stomach hurt a lot, it’s like someone just punched on it for a several times, and I am so relieved and happy when I finally found a bathroom 5 minutes later.
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