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REHASH: from Joke by Justice Cash

Justice Cash

Main Ingredients:
distant acquaintance
red chilies
vape pen

Spice Pack:
1 smidge of humiliation
1/3 dollop of regret

It was the first day on the job. I parked my truck next to the zoo. I walked in to meet Chris, the head zoologist. There he was, sitting at his desk adding some basil leaves and red chilies to his ham sandwich. He was smoking a vape pen. "Want a hit", he asked. "Why not", I replied, but had a little regret once I started coughing.
I had learned about Chris from a distant acquaintance some time ago. I think I was in Peru in the Amazon Rain Forest when a guy at the hotel was doing research there and I showed my interest. He was buddies with Chris. I remember trying to impress the guy with my knowledge, but was quickly humiliated with his vast understanding of the world around us. He wasn't from the US, but told me about Chris and made the recommendation we meet.
Anyway...this is the first time meeting Chris.
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