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Main Ingredients:
Hidden sign
Drug dealer
Night club
Lab results

1/3 tablespoon of boredom
1/4 pinch of woe

As Henry trudged into the night club, he took a long look around searching for his prey. The hunt had gone on too long, truthfully. The drug dealer he was looking for was getting quite pathetic in his attempts to flee from the seasoned bounty hunter- the ease of following his trail was almost laughable. However, the club was one many people knew of and few knew how to find thanks to the hidden sign camouflaged to keep out the law-abiding folk. A destitute old place, it was the ‘deep web’ of clubs where all kinds of shady dealings and back alley workings could fuse and forge positive results for all involved.

It wasn’t but a few weeks ago that Henry had gotten the lab results confirming the DNA belonged to none other than Wally, the city’s most notorious dealer who was finally going to go down for one of hid more nefarious crimes. There would be no way for him to run or hide with a murder charge hanging over his head when it was advertised to every low-life in New York City. Henry pondered the idea of letting all these fine schmucks know just what their pal was up to, and as he turned on his barstool to shout out the news and leave his card for the brave soul who would eventually rat Wally out- Bingo. He spotted him, the rat bastard was in the corner, trying not to be noticed but it was too late, the game was over at last.
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