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decasia box lunch with mold

Main Ingredients:
duct tape

Spice Pack:
1 pinch of isolation
1/3d smidge of irritation

My step brother is the guy in that found film clip punching away at mold and decay. the giggot him 20 bucks
and a free lunch but that was 60 years ago. He boxed air. He punched a the jellyfish opaque of nothing
in some long torn down z grade studio. The mold came later on the nitrate film. At least it did not burst in to flames or die into ash like most reels did. Nope he is like that person trapped like an insect in amber
in an old meme. His face at 24 is duct taped to a single moment. I like to imagine his free lunch
as tilapia and persimmons, an odd mix of bottom feeder garbage fish and tasty tiny morsel; it fits
his moment somehow, that nothing crap gig to make stock footage for some gu long deaqd
and this now beond death little bit of the beauty of rot and persistence at once.
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