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Stay Woke Norway

Main Ingredients:
tax accountant

Spice Pack:
1/3 tablespoon of gladness
1/8 whisper of boredom

What the fuck is camisole?

One day, I was bored, but only slightly. Just enough to go on a google spree of random things. Hmmm they look like tank tops, why not just call them tank tops? Man the world would be dope if everyone just spoke the same language. But then it would be boring if everyone was from the same culture and just acted very similarly.


Some people treat politics like food. Why can’t we just get along despite our differences? As if politics is a debate about whether you use vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil or a combination of all of them when consuming your dumplings. AND I LIKE PINEAPPLE ON MY PIZZA PLEASE DON’T KILL ME. But all that pales compared to racism and sexism which makes politics deeply personal. That shit ain’t a pizza flavor ya feel me? What about how tax accountants help multinational companies further their power trips? Doesn’t sound very moral from that perspective does it? WHAT ABOUT HOW HUSBANDS ABUSE THEIR FAMILIES?! Doesn’t sound very CHILL from that perspective does it?! Howaboutwhenpheasantsarekilledforentertainmentbytherulingclass. doesntsoundverychillanymoredoesit...riseup

Stay fucking woke Norway.
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