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All Kale the Lord (Re-Hash)

Main Ingredients:
pork shoulder

Spice Pack:
1/2 tablespoon of fondness
1/3 pinch of depression

Re-Hash of The Bittersweet Miracle of Dopplegangers

All Kale the Lord

“Fetch me my glasses, peasant!” the Lord yelled across the palace entryway to a citizen who was bringing his weekly offerings.
The commoner trembled as he took hold of the royal’s bifocals and carefully walked over to the throne. “Here you are, your highness,” he said barely audible.

“What is this? You come to me with no offerings?” the Lord incredulously investigated as he put his prescription lenses on.
“No no my dear lord, they are right here. I have brought you some fresh delicious kale from my own plot.” The man timidly hands over the basket of greens.

“Ah, kale. Yes, I remember kale. My mother used to grow it all the time, and my father loved these leaves,” the Lord fondly reminisced and paused for a second. “But, lucky for me, they’re not around anymore. I hate kale - guards, take him away! You ought to have brought me some pork shoulder instead.”

The Lord’s henchmen grabbed the peasant’s arms and dragged him away for punishment. He gasped and begged the Lord for mercy, to no avail. The Lord grew tired; this was the fifth peasant today.

The royal slowly rose from his throne and stepped down. In times like these, games would calm him like no other. He often had someone step in for him at the throne, a look alike. You didn’t really think just one Lord was in charge the whole time did you?

“Men, fetch my doppelganger. I’m going to go play cards.” The Lord solemnly walked down the dimly lit corridor. He hated kale, but he missed his parents.
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