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First Date

Main Ingredients:
boy next door
drug dealer
lamb shoulder

Spice Pack:
1/2 dollop of submission
1/4 teaspoon of aggressiveness

Sebastian, the boy next door, is a concert viola player. His dad is a gay police officer, and right now, they are having dinner with my gay drug dealer. They’re perfect for each other. Like a match made from heaven- on Grinder to be specific. He’s is an undercover cop so he’s gotta be all discrete and shit about it. And my dealer is obviously not gonna be all like “Yo I sell weed and crack to Erika for a living”. I can only imagine what the “What do you do for a living” conversation will go like. Maybe my drug dealer is complimenting the delicacy of the shallots, or maybe giving him the cold lamb shoulder, which would be a huge mistake knowing Sebastian’s dad. He has more of the bad cop personality in him. He would jump over the table, tackle him, handcuff him, and crush him with the full weight of the law as he reads him his Miranda rights or some bureaucratic, cold-blooded rant. And my dealer would just lay there, stoned out of his mind as he always is, thinking about eating dumplings and making love to nature. He would be all like “I’m sorry man, I didn’t mean to disturb your flow with my presence” to which he would respond by consulting with his Colt sidekick 4 to 7 times at pointblank.
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