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fortune teller

Spice Pack:
1/2 pinch of submission
1 dollop of gloom

I don't really believe in fortune tellers. They seem to be very cunning and observant psychoanalysist who need money or the thrill of having powers mortals can only dream of. So I'm not sure how I ended up in front of the most talked about fortune teller that everyone says supposedly, "always makes the right predictions about people and world events".

This fortune teller in particular has become quite famous, she's even gotten a couple 15-minutes-of-fame slots with Ellen Degeneres. But I still couldn't accept that she could some how foresee the future. But like most open-minded people, I decided to give Ms.Ia her chance to stupefy me. She started first by pricking my fingers with a needle. This is already a bad sign for me and could mean 1 of 3 things. She's either doing this as part of her routine, trying to freak me out to see what makes me tick or, and I hope I'm not right, she will use my blood to try to figure out things about me such as my name, blood type, and other personal SSN-kind of information. My friends saw my face of slight terror, and said, "Don't freak out, it's what she does to get to know things about you." As if I couldn't figure that out. Of course she's trying to figure out who I am, so she can see if I'm worth stealing my identity.

She picks up the bowl of red liquid and puts it in the middle of a circle of candles. She throws in some nasty smelling asparagus and shallots into the mix and can't help but be repulsed by the smell. It was just one big no-no, but my friends were as normal as could be. She starts to say, "I see something in the near future. Your arch nemesis, will come back for revenge." "No that's not possible." I said in my head. But then I remembered that I don't believe in this hooey and I didn't understand exactly why I reacted so naively. Maybe because I knew deep down that I can't dismiss the fact that this lady had indeed predicted so many world events and that she had indeed spoken truths about people she had never met before. "You won't like what happens between the two of you, seeing how deep the hatred and desire to hurt each other runs within you both." I hated that I had agreed to come. I didn't want to know any of this, because you don't know what you don't know and I find that to be a blessing sometimes. But as she was about to tell me what it is that I dread, I immediately got up and stormed out. My friends ran after me. "No, No. This cannot be! We cannot become best friends!"


  • Love this story! I think you used the ingredients really creatively and provided an imaginative story that many readers can relate to. The skepticism is relatable and humorous.
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