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ostrich eggs
lab results

Spice Pack:
1/8 tablespoon of insult
1/4 dash of attraction

In the afternoon, when my grandmother was done forcing us to drink tea and eat cookies and biscuits like "real" English people, I went to the stables to see my dearest, Esmond. He was a beautiful loyal stallion that I've grown up with since I was a young child. My grandmother hated that I was more interested in running around in the fields with a horse than to be sitting down like a "proper" lady at a luncheon with old stuck-up women who never got their hands dirty because they ALWAYS wore white gloves.

It was a beautiful afternoon. The sun was out at just the right angle that made this lovely cool breeze wash through my hair. It felt like being in one of those romantic movie scenes where one feels like they are living in an Out-of-this-world fulfillment and happiness not known on Earth. No one, not even my grandmother, could make this day the slightest horrific because today was the day that I was going to find out what the lab results found about Esmond's health since lately, he wasn't feeling too well. I ran through the garden, behind the guest house, and into the stable entrance. The doctor was already waiting for me with the results. As he turned around to talk to me, I was surprised by just how handsome he was. First, I asked him if there was something wrong with Esmond and he said, "Well, this test result was quite odd. I've never encountered something like it. It seems that Esmond, somehow, got to eating ostrich eggs." I immediately laughed with full understanding. Last week, my grandmother had the horrible idea to serve her old women's club an "eccentric" food. But later on in the day, the food she ordered had disappeared and started to panic like a maniac. It now became clear to me that Esmond was definitely a one-of-a-kind creature. After a genuine laugh and a hearty sigh, I asked this doctor some questions about himself. It turns out that he used to be a jockey, but life made him grow a lot taller and stronger that he was no longer fit to be a jockey. I took him over to the garden where I found a table set up with snacks. I grabbed the plate of sliced pears and sprinkled some lemon, salt, and chile. Moving the plate as to tempt the doc into eating some, I urged the doc to try some. He grabbed a slice and loved it so much he ate half of the plate. Looking at him enjoy the small things in life, made the air smell like vanilla, my favorite smell in the world.

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