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Beach bum!

Main Ingredients:
beach bum
stray cat

Spice Pack:
1/2 pinch of delight
1/3 dollop of humiliation

I was taking a lovely stroll down the beach with my bff, watching the sunrise and discussing all the great things in life, when all of a sudden we came across a salty beach bum lying there in the sand, covered in cumin.

“Is he dead?” my friend asked.

We went up to him to inspect, and it turned out that he was, in fact, not dead. He was a friendly fellow who greeted us with a hearty hello. He never told us his name or explained why he was covered in cumin, but immediately introduced us to his pet cat, Captain Beefheart, that he found drifting on a raft all alone—seemed like the two of them were good pals.

My friend and I promptly invited the mysterious beach bum and his cat to come walking with us, and they graciously accepted. During our walk, we stumbled upon some wild watercress.

Now, everyone should know that watercress is an aquatic plant species with the botanical name Nasturtium officinale—common knowledge at this point.

But the beach bum lacked this basic knowledge—he made a rookie mistake and confused it with the quite different group of plants with the common name of nasturtium, botanical name Tropaeolum.

My friend and I laughed, and I said, “Well what do you expect from a beach bum?”

The beach bum, realizing his grave error, hung his head in shame and slowly walked off in shame as my friend and I continued to laugh at his naiveté.
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