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My Brother-in-law and The Tuna Smell

edited April 2017 in Dishes
Main Ingredients: 
yoga mat

Spice Pack: 
1/8 whisper of sadness
1/4 teaspoon of panic

My brother-in-law was a biologist who had crazy passion toward yoga mat. You could see yoga mat piled up in his room. Every day he walked out the lab with the heavy smell of tuna and cranberry, which I had no idea where it came from. However, despite the weird smell and the bizarre passion toward yoga mat, he was a nice guy after all. I mean, that’s why my big sister married him in the first place, right?
But recently, I was a little bit worried about him since that he was always alone after the loss of my big sister, who has been lost for almost three weeks. I felt responsible since that I was one of the few close friends he had left right now.
And that’s the reason why I decided to secretly cleaned his room right now for him. With loads of yoga mat piled up in his room, I wonder how can he work and even move in this tiny area. I walk in to the farthest corner of his room and try to pull out one of the yoga mats that are put in the corner. It is so heavy that I trip while pulling it out. The yoga mats that are originally piled up scatter and something inside is revealed. The motionless face of my big sister. Just when I am about to scream, I heard someone behind me said: “wow, so now you finally find her.”


  • What a terrifying twist ending, I didn't see that coming.
  • I loved the ending and how you "measured" out just enough panic that was perfect! Maybe to incorporate the tuna and cranberry a littl better I would have said that because he always smelled so strange you thought maybe he hasn't been cleaning himself or his house since your sister had died? But overall I thought it was creative and an interesting use of the yoga mat.
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