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Main Ingredients:
sirloin steak

Spice Pack:
1/4 pinch of anger
1/8 tablespoon of irritation

One day, I need to meet my gruncle, which is grand uncle. When I see this gruncle, I always in nervous. He was a professor. I do not know why he is so streak about everything.

He always tends to strain everyone.
Such an attitude is like hanging my neck with leash, so meeting with him is not such a pleasure.

Anyway at that day we are going to eat the sirloin steak with their families and my families. However, there is not enough sirloin steak so I have to sacrifice myself and have to choose a p.e.r.c.h dish.

Main Ingredients:
pork loin

Spice Pack:
1/2 dollop of adoration
1/4 dash of anticipation

My brother is a podiatrist. He spend lots of time as a student and everybody expect he will become a famous doctor. During he was a student, he always wears hoodies. He never changed his clothes and he said he can save time by using only one cloth. Yeah… he is expected enough to become that a podiatrist.

Sometime we hang out and he like to drink martini with the olives. Always he order that drink. Yesterday we went out and he ordered martini with olive also, and I expected he order a pork loin because he is used to order that food. He is a kind of person who does not change well.

From others
Main Ingredient:

Spice Pack:
1/3 pinch of trust
1/2 cup of optimism

This is the story when I was kid. In my pre-school class, they wanted to go to the zoo. At that day all we expect to nice bright shine day and it was. All we were ready the lunch and some fruits and vegetables for animals foods.

Some of my friend ready some apples, and some others ready the pineapples, and some others ready celery and so on. All we ready some foods for animals in the zoo. Before we give some foods to zoo animal, zookeeper gave us some direction how to control the foods.

Most of our friends and me follow the direction but few students were not follow the directions well. Our instructors try not to do that during the feeding time so he hold them hand to hand and it becomes a handcuff to kids who do not follow the direction. Anyway that day was so nice and funny.
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