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A Beautiful Morning Starts Like This

edited April 2017 in Dishes
ostrich eggs
flour tortillas
love letter

Spice Pack: 
1 pinch of grumpiness
1/2 cup of compassion

When my last ostrich eggs with flour tortillas fell on the ground, I felt like my last straw of rationality was completely wiped out.
“So this is how this goddam morning going to be like.” I murmured and started to angrily use the wiper to clean the mess on the floor.
Then, I heard someone opened the door behind me. I turned around and was stunned by the stranger who invaded my private space. Just when I was about to tell that person to get out from the kitchen, I realized that stranger was actually my roommate, a programmer who spent almost every second of his life in front of the computer. Last week, he received the first love letter in his life. I could still vividly remember his joyful expression when he opened the letter. However, soon enough, both of us found out the owner of the love letter was actually from a wanted serial killer.
I looked at his exhausting, patting his shoulder encouragingly before I cleaned the mess.
Well… I guess I will have someone in company in this goddamn morning.
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