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The Aunt Wears Prada

edited April 2017 in Dishes
Condensd milk
Bolwing alley

Spice pack:
1 dash of neglect
1/ teaspoon frivolity (

Have you ever seen the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”? That was my life before I came back to the office from Starbucks next door. Being the 56th secretary to my aunt, , I can deeply relate to what Ann Hathaway feels during the movie, except the fact that my boss is an Asian woman with a black hair. Well… maybe some white hair mixed inside them, but honestly, who cares?

The first day of being the 56th secretary to my aunt, I have to memorize what’s her favorite coffee she drinks every single morning, vanilla latte with condensed milk. I tried to pretend that I care and I memorize that, but the truth is, I give as much attention to the coffee order as I usually did when I went to the bowling alley. Maybe that’s why I always score zero when bowling, and maybe that’s why I have a termination letter on my desk right now. But, well, my life has something more important than memorizing a coffee order, such as sleeping, eating and…sleeping. So, goodbye, my aunt. As I proudly throw the termination letter to the trash basket next to the coffee I order for my lovely aunt, I realize what I order is actually nothing but condensed milk. Arrgghh….. I really need to sleep right now.

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