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Ruby Trickle

edited April 2017 in Dishes
Main Ingredients:
red wine

Spice Pack:
1/3 teaspoon of regret
1/8 tablespoon of grouchiness

My franzia winetap supplies running low. Grouchiness (cabin fever? the infection? something else?) setting in. I had to consider my options:

1) I stay here until my red wine supplies were depleted, picking the Morgellons nanofibers out of the sore on my arm, hoping that help would arrive.

2) I drink the water and submit to the psychic handcuffs that were being pumped into the water. I could see a DWP truck painted to look like a regular truck about a half a block away.

3) I leave this place in search of clean provisions. It meant I'd have to deal with "Kohlrabi" (aka RockeHearst) and his men.

Would Jack sit there and wait? Would he drink RockeHearst's poison? Jack would fight. Brutus Corbin is a man with many regrets, but I am not loser. Number three! And if I survived, then I'd take the fight to RockeHearst. I was like Sleeping Beauty versus his wicked stepmother. I would be no slumbering princess, that coldhearted stepmonster was going to go down! Go down hard!

But first, I'd have to prepare. I'd need wine to travel. But nobody trusts a man on the bus with a box of wine.

No time to waste, I cut the carton away from the last wine box. A Camelback would have been perfect, but the best I could do was a large, leather fannypack that my mom had bought in Mexico. I fixed a tube to the winesack and stuffed it in, strapped it on. I grabbed the nunchaku that I had made from a broken broom last summer and tucked it into my waistband. After applying a fresh rub of beef broth and replacing the scallion insoles, I left.

About ten minutes into the bus ride, I reached down for the wine tube... and it detached from the sack! I could feel the thirst clawing at my mind. No matter, I leaned forward and squeezed a precious stream of ruby elixir into mouth.

As if through the top of my head, I could feel the eyes peering into my scalp, as if clutching at my soul. The three people sitting across from me, were staring, studying, calculating.

My hand on my nunchaku, ready for action... I returned their stare, "Kohlrabi!"

(to be continued)

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