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I Can't Wait to See the Result of Surgery

Main Ingredients:
first girlfriend
mad scientist
living room

Spice Pack:
1 dollop of anticipation
1/2 dash of eagerness

Recently, I saw the news that the most famous neurosurgeon in America is trying to perform head transplant surgery on his patient with in 4 days. It reminded me the debate I have done with my first girlfriend.
I met my first girlfriend when I was in college. She and I were both science major student. So, we liked debating about scientific topics going around the world. We debated about science topics regardless of place. It ranges from my house living room to restaurant.
One day, we went to garlic lobster restaurant. We ordered our meals and start debating about a science topic as a usual. We had different opinion related to human head transplant. I said it can be possible, but she said it’s not. Furthermore, she insist that if someone who tries to transplant the human head might be mad scientist. As far as I remember, we fiercely debated until our meals came out.
It’s been 6 years past from that incident. 4 days later, I can know the winner of the debate based on the result of surgery. I can’t wait. I really hope the surgery ends successfully.
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