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Main Ingredients:
Code monkey
gruyere cheese
race track

Spice pack
1/3 pinch of reluctance
1/4 smidge of surprise

It was another typical day of my life. My computer genius step-brother was on the computer, again. He was emitting unpleasant odor. I could smell gruyere cheese from his hair. So, I asked.
“Hey, did you take a shower today?”
“Who am i talking to?”
He didn't answer. I just went back to my room with an idea of that if we are close enough, I would smash his head for not answering a word for my question. I took a nap. Few hours later, I woke up. Someone was knocking my door.
“Hey, Sis taste this.”
It was my code monkey brother. He cooked fried okra for me. I was a bit surprised because I didn’t expect this from my brother. It really moved me. So, I want my step brother to feel this emotion as well. That's the reason why I’m saving money right now. I 'm going to buy Hot-Wheels race track for my step-brother’s birthday present. Hopefully, it works out well.
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