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Mustard Seed's are a Guys Bestfriend

edited April 2017 in Dishes
Main Ingredients:
mustard seed
hair scrunchie

Spice Pack:
1 teaspoon of overwhelmed
1/4 tablespoon of disgust

Getting married at 20 was the last thing I expected, but I found the love of my life at university. We met at orientation and I actually noticed her because she was sitting alone while everyone else was trying to meet people. Her hair was tied up with a hair scrunchie which I though was weird since everyone at my high school used hair bands. Then I noticed her choking on a mustard seed. I ran over to pull off the most important Heimlich maneuver to date and the rest is history.

Meeting my girlfriend's father was the most nerve-wracking experience ever. He was a biologist at the James Institute of Monkey Behavioral Studies, but he was no monkey. He was big, about 6'1" but he was filled out. He had an iron grip too and looked me the eye to make sure I knew he meant business. I asked him if I could marry his daughter and to make a long story short, he said yes.

Planning out the proposal was the fun part. I came up with the idea of taking her out on just a casual date. With my incredible acting skills, I pretended to be choking on a cod bone. At that moment, my girlfriend would run up and save me. Out came the ring from my mouth and I dropped to one knee. I guess the fact that the I was proposing covered up the fact that the ring was covered in spit, but if she thought it was gross, I heard nothing of it.
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